Spray Tan

Full Body Tan Only €25

Everybody wants that “just back from holiday glow” but without the health risks. Spray Tanning is the healthy alternative to achieving a beautiful tan and no none will ever guess your faking it!!!

Preparing for your spray tan

Thoroughly exfoliate prior to your appointment, with a proper exfoliation glove or sponge. Ensure any shaving or waxing is done 24hrs prior to your spray tanning appointment. NO moisturisers or deodorant to be worn prior and remove all makeup (if having your face tanned) as these will stop your tan by acting as a barrier.


Wear loose clothes. DO NOT SHOWER for at least 8 hours after your tan application as your tan needs to develop. After your tan has developed, shower as usual and apply a tan extender or moisturiser regularly. This will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit of your GetGlam Spray Tan!